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I love observing nature and the changing seasons at home in my wildlife garden and in the Norfolk countryside often accompanied by my loyal canine companion Starrydog. I enjoy taking photos of Norfolk butterflies, wildflowers and other flora and fauna that I happen across and learning about them. Bookmark my Norfolk nature photo blog to keep up to date with my photographic adventures.

Poppies at Sunset

Poppies are one of Britain's most iconic flowers. I've been trying to develop my landscape and wildflower photography skills, at times its been an exercise in frustration.

[singlepic id=23 w=600 h=400 float=right]One evening I visited a poppy field near my village. Right at the end of twilight after a cloudy sunset the sky suddenly flooded for a brief few moments in vivid pinks and purples.

The vivid  colours were so fleeting I only managed to grab three or four shots before the sky faded into twilight .


Photo Of The Month July 2011 -Poppy Field At Dusk Taken: Letcombe Basset  Oxfordshire