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“I like my nature photos the natural way.”

A small note about nature photography ethics. For me nature comes before the image. As far as possible my images are candid observations of whatever I happen across just doing what it does naturally. I do my utmost to respect all nature and avoid disturbance using long professional lenses. This means that you won’t find here contrived, artificially pristine images of insects refrigerated to be obliging models, water bottle droplet sprayed wildflowers, dead moles posed on a molehill or invisible fishtanks of captive stickleback live bait being dived at by kingfishers. With the exception of wild wolves (endangered species) moths (I use a trap for species recording) and a few rescued wildlife and bird of prey photos taken in an ethical sanctuary, my images aren’t baited, and never ever with live bait.

Celebrating the beauty of the world around us, ever present when we look up from our hectic lives